Craft & Design Month May 2012 Logo

Transparent Glass Studio is supporting Craft and Design Month May 2012 – a brand new initiative designed to raise awareness of the enormous amount of creative talent we have in this country.

Transparent Glass Studio and the Ruskin Glass Centre will be sharing some of this talent with you by running a series of glass workshops, demonstrations and an ‘open studio’ event.  Craft and Design Month is the perfect time to see the craftspeople working in their studios & try something new.

Craft and Design Month is a ‘not for profit’ initiative launched by craft&design  magazine.  The magazine’s editor, Angie Boyer, explains: “There are many thousands of craftsmen and women who manufacture and sell their products in the UK and to the overseas markets who are completely overlooked by newspapers reporting on the demise of domestic manufacturing.

“In fact, the Crafts Council has reported that there are around 35,000 contemporary craftsmen and women with a collective turnover of around £1billion.  Crafts is incredibly important to the economy but also to our wellbeing and way of life.  If we don’t use the talents of people on our doorstep, they will disappear forever.  We hope that by shining the spotlight on the skills of craftsmen and women throughout the country, the general public will think twice about who to go to when they need something for the home.   If we succeed in that, Craft and Design Month will have served its purpose.”

For further information on Craft and Design Month May 2012, including details of other events in your area, please visit: