The Ruskin Glass Centre has been commissioned by Stourbridge Worcester Street Practise to co-ordinate and make Artworks for the new Stourbridge ‘Lion Health Medical Centre’.  These prestigious commissions are part of a redevelopment building project which started in 2012, of the Grade II listed Georgian Iron Foundry into a modern state-of-the-art health centre for Stourbridge.

The historic Foster & Rastric Co. Foundry is the birthplace of the ‘Stourbridge Lion Steam Locomotive’; the first locomotive to run on tracks in United States of America, Pennsylvania in 1829.

Transparent Glass Studio will take a leading role in directing the Art Commissions Project, working alongside other Artists and craftspeople at the Ruskin Glass Centre.   The commissioned Artworks will draw inspiration from the industrial heritage of the area, the rich historic connection with the glass industry and the history of the Foster & Rastric foundry.

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