‘Artist in Residence’ Monika Mihalyfi has been selected to show her new work  ‘Glowing Vessels’ at the prestigious Worcestershire Bevere Gallery.

This new body of work  is a series of contemporary hand-thrown ceramic vessels made of porcelain.  In daylight they stand pure white and in the dark when lit from within they glow illuminating the patterns.

I was greatly inspired by the phenomenon, when the sky is hazy although no clearly defined clouds to be seen and the Sun trying to break through. The purity of this image taken me many times and slowly made the connection in me with the image of light, as they say or how I imagined, supposed to see through meditation. It also made the connection how porcelain looks with light behind.

Through my Glowing Vessels I intend to express or recall this image, the purity and purifying nature of Light… with that also inspire to wake the Light within us…MM


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