The studio has recently been to survey a series of 1930’s stained glass windows that will need some repairs and restoration over the coming months.  Transparent Glass Studio Stained Glass Restoration 01

Bay Window – leaded lights and stained glass transoms

The stained glass and leaded panels are in original metal frames, which also need some restoration in areas.  The surrounding woodwork frames are in amazing condition and a testimony to the materials used and also the regular maintenance since they were fitted.

Transparent Glass Studio Stained Glass Restoration 02

Wonderful Tulip design in the Bathroom Window side panels

The stained glass has been designed throughout the house with some amazing patterns, in-keeping with the time, but also has an Arts & Crafts feel to some of the elements.  The stained glass contains some beautiful colours and a lot within the patterns are handmade mouthblown colours.  It really is a privilege to view these wonderful windows and house.