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Stained Glass Repair & Restoration

These are some of the latest #stained glass restoration and repair works the studio has just completed.

This Edwardian two panel front door in #Bromsgrove, #Worcestershire has just been re-fitted.

A 1930’s stained glass side screen with several breaks needed part restoration and rebuild in #Stourbridge.

This wonderful #Edwardian stained glass front door entrance in #Wombourne, Staffordshire has been restored using heritage glass and stock art glasses.

Our workshop offers a full repair and restoration service of stained glass, leaded lights, doors and windows. We work with residential, commercial and ecclesiastic properties and can repair a single break within a window to a full restoration of heritage stained glass panels.

1930’s Stained Glass Windows Survey

The studio has recently been to survey a series of 1930’s stained glass windows that will need some repairs and restoration over the coming months.  Transparent Glass Studio Stained Glass Restoration 01

Bay Window – leaded lights and stained glass transoms

The stained glass and leaded panels are in original metal frames, which also need some restoration in areas.  The surrounding woodwork frames are in amazing condition and a testimony to the materials used and also the regular maintenance since they were fitted.

Transparent Glass Studio Stained Glass Restoration 02

Wonderful Tulip design in the Bathroom Window side panels

The stained glass has been designed throughout the house with some amazing patterns, in-keeping with the time, but also has an Arts & Crafts feel to some of the elements.  The stained glass contains some beautiful colours and a lot within the patterns are handmade mouthblown colours.  It really is a privilege to view these wonderful windows and house.

Victorian Stained Glass Toplight

The studio has been working on designing and making a period Victorian Stained Glass toplight window.  Using a traditional Victorian pattern and glass colours, the new window has been made to fit the bespoke size of the aperture above the door and is more in-keeping with the age of the house.

Rachel Lane - Bay Window Pattern (8)

The window has now been fitted above the customers front door in Stourbridge.

Abstract Stained Glass Transom Window – Studio Journal

The studio has been working on designing and making an abstract coloured glass window panel.  The stained glass panel will eventually be fitted in the transom (toplight) window above the customers door.


A number of colour arrangements was tried, working to some set colours and a sample of the clients interior colour scheme.


I used different textures to add interest with repeated colours and it will influence movement of light across the whole of the panel.


Looking forward to seeing this panel, (once the cement has dried) – up towards the light.



Circular Traditional Stained Glass Window

The studio recently completed a restoration, which turned out to be a complete re-build of a 1950’s circular stained glass window panel.  Really a new window based on a traditional pattern, in-keeping with the property.  All of the background clear textured glass has been replaced and the centre diamond (also replaced) is handmade mouthblown amber glass.  A simple pattern, with good use of colour and texture.

Transparent Glass Studio Stained Glass Window 01 Copyright 2016

A pattern was made of the existing window which was broken in many of the glass pieces, the glass was then cut to pattern, leaded, soldered at the joints and cemented (putty based) to make stronger and weatherproof.  The window has now been fitted back into the window frame of the customers home.

Transparent Glass Studio Stained Glass Window 02 Copyright 2016

Transparent Glass Studio Stained Glass Window 03 Copyright 2016

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