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Stained Glass Workshop

On Saturday we held a one day workshop in stained glass.  The students learnt the basics of the craft, which gave them a taster of the processes involved in creating a leaded panel.  Designs were either chosen on the day or developed before the session.  Some of the participants had previous knowledge and skills of glass cutting and were able to undertake more complex patterns.  The students worked well, with a busy and focused day.  The panels turned out great and were left with the studio to cement and finish this week.   After their final clean and polish they look fantastic.

Fused Glass Course

We have just finished running our Spring Term course in fused glass.  The course was run over 5 weeks and the participants had a choice of either a day or an evening session.  The course went well and the students initially explored some of the fusing techniques for test pieces and then went on to create their light catcher designs.Transparent Glass Studio Fused Glass Course Spring Transparent Glass Studio Fused Glass Course Spring (1)

The last two sessions the students have been working on their final piece for the course, designing and making some fantastic glasswork.   Each student used various fusing techniques to create their artworks.  Their unfired glass panels were fused in the electric kiln and then were either kiln-formed using moulds into glass bowls/platters or left as a standing panel.Transparent Glass Studio Fused Glass Course (4) Transparent Glass Studio Fused Glass Course (3) Transparent Glass Studio Fused Glass Course (2)

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